Posted on September 15, 2020

Pool Guidelines for members:

Weekdays pool hours are from 6 am to 9 pm.

Weekend pool hours are from 8 am to 9 pm.

Reservations start at the hour and last 45 minutes.

The last reservation start time will be at 8 pm daily to allow for a thorough cleaning as needed before the facility closes.

Members must be out of the pool 15 minutes before the top of the hour.

Members may arrive a few minutes before their reservation time, but may not enter the pool until the hour mark or the pool deck has been cleared.

Members must rinse off before entering the pool at the outdoor shower, located outside by the women’s restroom.

No wet changing allowed as the lockers and restrooms are closed. No wet changing allowed in the main office restroom.

Members must bring their own equipment/water accessories because ours is not available for their use.

Per county direction members are no longer allowed to share lanes under any circumstances, one member per lane.

No food or beverages except water or sports drinks are allowed inside the pool fencing

Swimming is for members only! No guests allowed until further notice.

We require that if you are to be later than 10 mins to your reservation you call and inform the staff so that you can keep your booking.

Lap Pool Reservations:

Every member is able to make 4 reservations a week for the lap pool

Reservation are on a first come first serve basis.

Members can only make reservations two weeks out.

Always for the week you are in, and effective on Mondays at 8am for the following week (ending on Saturday).

It is important to note that we are all waiting to take reservations on Mondays, rather than Sundays for the new week due to staffing needs.

Members are able to call throughout the week to make reservations as well, as long as it does not exceed the two-week limit.

No more than 6 reservation total per household for swimming.

Lanes 1 and 2 are closed in the lap pool from 10am on.

A lane becomes vacant at 10 mins after with no phone call and a no show, at which times it goes up for grabs on a first come first serve basis. This usage will not count against your booking allotment but you will still only have to vacate the pool at 15 till the hour to swim.

Recreational / Free Swim Pool Reservations:

Every family is allowed 2 reservations a week.

The two reservations per week can be broken down like this:

They can have one toddler pool and one middle pool reservation a week OR

They can have two toddler pool reservations a week OR

They can have two middle pool reservations a week

* It is NOT two reservations for both individually*

1 – The lap swim LANE 1 will be used for free swim / family use each Saturday and Sunday from 10am on. Effective for bookings on August 10th.

2- Per Yolo County guidelines during this time we will leave lane 2 closed as a buffer for those who may be lap swimming in lanes 3 and 4.

3 – If a member of a family has made 2 reservations for the recreational pool, another member of that family cannot make more reservations for that week.

4 – No guests are allowed when making reservations, only family members who have been quarantining together can come to swim.

5 – There is no limit to how many people are in the middle pool as long as they are all cohabitating together

For Baby / Toddler Pool

Children who are not potty trained must wear appropriate diapers and diaper coverings while swimming.

Pool Sanitizing/Maintenance:

1 – All pool handlebars for all pools, the shower knobs, and entrance gate are to be sanitized at the 45-minute mark, regardless if it was used or not.

2 – The chemicals of all 3 pools will be checked once per shift.

3 – This includes the time at which it was checked, temperature, pH, and chlorine.

4 – We will make sure to check it once during the closing shift specifically.

5 – When needed with consideration for overnight temperatures the pool will be covered at close to best prepare for the next day’s usage.